Why People are ‘Unliking’ You

What’s a more exciting feeling, then gaining new followers, and hitting milestones. You get your first, your first thousand, and so on. Sometimes, you’ll click your Facebook “Insights” tab and find out that you’ve lost followers. Not only have you lost some, you’ve lost more than you’ve gained some days, and even throughout the month.Continue reading “Why People are ‘Unliking’ You”

Instagram’s “Caught Up” Feature: What this Means for Your Content

It’s been a couple weeks, but Instagram recently came out with it’s “caught up” feature, which notifies users when they have caught up with content from the previous two days. The feature creates a space between posts, notifying users that they have caught up on posts from the previous two days. This does not effectContinue reading “Instagram’s “Caught Up” Feature: What this Means for Your Content”

How to Create a Great Hashtag

Whether it’s a simple event or a major branding decision, hashtags can connect users with content that you create, as well as what other users create. Here are a few simple steps in creating the perfect hashtag: Keep it simple It can be easy to get carried away in creating a highly-specific tag for anContinue reading “How to Create a Great Hashtag”

What is GDPR and the Influence on American Websites

After being approved by European Union (EU) in April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began enforcement on May 25, 2018. What is GDPR? The EU General Data Protection Regulation replaced the previous Data Protection Directive, with goals of harmonizing data privacy laws around Europe. It requires website operators to have the highest levels ofContinue reading “What is GDPR and the Influence on American Websites”

Instagram Story Questions Makes Simple Surveys…well…Simple.

In July, this week actually, Instagram rolled out a new questions sticker for users to ask questions and take questions from followers. For personal use, it’s a great feature to asking friends and followers what they think about current events, or even your hair today. You can also modify the text for users to answerContinue reading “Instagram Story Questions Makes Simple Surveys…well…Simple.”

How Often You Should Change Your Profile Brand

One of the biggest identifying factors to your brand on social media, are your profile pictures and your cover photos. What once was empty space that needed filling, is now branding availability to set your company apart from others. No matter how many times you’ve changed your profile picture and cover photo in the past,Continue reading “How Often You Should Change Your Profile Brand”

5 Bold Ways to Use Instagram Stories

Many marketers are looking at the new year to start or increase dedication to Instagram. If your business has recently started, has made a plan to in 2018, or has been for years, here are a few tips to take your use of Instagram stories to a new level. Reach users with location tagging OneContinue reading “5 Bold Ways to Use Instagram Stories”

My Top 10 Memories With Houston First

On January 6, 2014, I stepped through the doors of Houston First and started as an intern. Four years later, I’m putting in my notice and I will be moving on to a new position, a new city, and a new challenge! (realizing how much I’ve changed) I have so many memories from this company,Continue reading “My Top 10 Memories With Houston First”

Obed: Videos for People Who are Viral

It really came out of nowhere. After the Astros parade, I learned about one fan who went locally viral for his outrageous mustache, his love for the home team, and this: Now Obed Ceballos is also a firefighter for the City of Houston, as well as (what I learned later), a member of the HoustonContinue reading “Obed: Videos for People Who are Viral”